Can You Store Clothes in Cardboard Boxes?

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Can You Store Clothes in Cardboard Boxes?
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Seasons come and go, and clothing items that are in for the summer season are out for the winter one. And we all know that winter clothes are bulkier, so you will need more storage space.

With the right plan, you can effectively manage your storage facility without stress, but there are still a few things that you need to know. When it comes to short-term storing, you don’t have to worry as much.

However, with long-term storing, one tiny mistake may cost you a few hundred dollars.

If you are living in a small apartment, you want to make the most out of any storage options, and believe us, even luggage bags or suitcases can be put to good use. If you have too many clothing items in your wardrobe, it is time to figure out a separate inventory and store away the things that you don’t wear.

Before you do that, you should pick out all the clothing items that are too small or you don’t plan to keep and give them away to a charity. As for long-term clothing storage, there are quite a few tips that you should consider.

A big question that always stands is whether you should use cardboard boxes in the storing process. Read on to find out.

Are Cardboard Boxes a Smart Choice?

Are Cardboard Boxes a Smart Choice?

This question may be the most common when it comes to storage FAQ and the short answer is no, they are not. While cardboard boxes may allow for effective storing in a small space these come with more than a few cons.

First, storing your cardboard boxes in a damp or hot facility such as the basement and attic is an absolute no as the cardboard may degrade over time leaving your clothing items prone to mold, moisture or other damage.

Along with that, most of the cardboard boxes are dyed and if not stored properly your clothing items might be affected by the cardboard dye. Last but not least, cardboard is a weak material, and it can be chewed through by rats, mice, and other vermin, leaving your expensive clothing items to their justice.

What are the Alternatives?

Unless you want to store houseware or other items that aren't delicate, cardboard boxes are not an option, especially when we are talking about long-term storage of clothing items. But then, what are your alternatives?

For a long time, vacuum bags were seen as a great way to protect and store your clothing items. But after some time, it became clear that this option is not ideal either.

Why? Because the vacuum atmosphere may damage and shrink fabric fibers. If you plan on storing an expensive clothing item, this may cause long-term damage to it, and you might end up throwing it away due to this damage.

Plastic bags might be a cheap and efficient way to store your clothes, but they come with a rather large disadvantage and that is that moisture is kept inside the bag. And what happens when moisture is trapped? Your clothes become moldy and damp.

So, if these cardboard box alternatives are not ideal either, what should you go for?

Our top recommendation, especially for long-term storing, is plastic storage bins. A high-quality plastic storage bin is going to ensure the right air-tight atmosphere for your clothing items while still allowing the material to breathe.

And along with that, with the lid fitting nicely, you will not have to worry about dust particles, water damage, or insects entering the storage space.

What If You Decide to Use Cardboard Boxes

While cardboard boxes aren’t even close to an ideal option, there are certain cases where you don’t have an alternative. If you are short on money, and you need a storage option, cardboard boxes might work short-term, but only with a few precautions.

First, you should carefully wash your clothing items to remove stains as well as any smell that might attract bugs and other insects. Along with that, you should invest in cardboard boxes that have a fitted lid which will thus protect your clothing items from the top.

You shouldn’t forget that most cardboard boxes contain dyes, and that is why it is critical to put acid-free paper between your clothing items and the box walls. Finally, don’t put your cardboard boxes in an attic or basement but rather store them in a cool, dark, and dry place such as a closet.


Cardboard boxes might be a cheap and efficient way to store your clothing items, but numerous risks are related to this option, and that is why your best bet is to invest in a few plastic storage bins. They are a much safer option for longer-term storage.

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