How to Store Clothes Long Term in Storage

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How to Store Clothes Long Term in Storage
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Fashion is one of the biggest industries. However, it is always changing and a trend lasts for a couple of months only to later be replaced by new season designs.

And the result of this is that you are left with a bunch of clothing items that you have worn only once or twice, and your wardrobe looks like a mess.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this and if you invest effort in properly storing your clothing items, they will not lose their quality or appearance even after a few storage years.

Whether you are moving out or you have trouble with storing your clothing items in general, containers are one of the most important things to invest in. Buying a few adequate containers will save you from stress, and ensure that you use the potential of your given storage spaces.

Storing your clothes in an attic or a basement is a possibility, but in no terms should you go for cardboard boxes or a garbage bag as a storage option. Let’s take a look at the few tips on how to long term store your clothing items.

How to Store Clothes Long Term in Storage

How to Store Clothes Long Term in Storage

The first step that you should go through is properly washing the clothes intended for long-term storing. There are a few reasons why this step might be the most critical one.

First, if any dirt or stains are on your clothes, leaving it to stay in storage for more than a few months will cause the fabric to absorb it and once you want to wear that clothing item, it will be almost impossible to remove the dirt, stains, or oil residues.

Along with that, by properly washing the clothes before storing, you will have clean and ready-to-wear clothes at any given point. We also recommend that you iron your clothes before folding them as well but don’t stress too much over it.

Last but not least, don’t forget to properly rinse your clothes of any detergent or washing agent. If you want to keep insects and vermin away from your clothes, be sure to keep them clean.

One of the most debatable questions is if you should or shouldn’t vacuum seal your clothing items. And the answer is not that simple, as it all depends on how long you plan to store it and what type of fabric it is.

If we are talking about a few months of storage, your clothes will be fine, because most fabrics need at least some air in order to breathe. On the other hand, if we are talking about more expensive clothing items, we would recommend high-quality storage containers.

Why? Because vacuum seal bags may compress the fibers and thus damage the quality of the fabric.

While vacuum seal bags might work as a short-term option, plastic bags and cardboard boxes are an absolute no-no. As we have mentioned above, plastic or fabric containers are the best when it comes to long-term storing as these keep moisture away and still let the fabric breathe.

The problem with plastic bags is the moisture that stays trapped in the bag results in mold. And cardboard boxes aren’t an option because of one clear reason – rats and mice, as well as other vermin,  could chew through it and damage your high-quality clothing items.

One of the most common things when it comes to long-term storing clothes is the use of mothballs – these should keep moths away and protect your clothing items from insect damage. Still, mothballs might be poisonous and smell pretty bad.

On the other hand, a cedar ball is ideal – it gives a fresh natural smell to your storage space and is more effective than a mothball. Put a few on and in your storage containers and stay stress-free.

Last but not least, while attics and basements are an option when it comes to long-term storing of your clothes, we would still recommend that you invest in an independent storage facility – it doesn’t have to be larger than a few square meters. A separate storage facility will ensure the best conditions for long-term storing – it is dry, clean, cool, and dark.


If you have too many clothing items in your closet or dresser, it is time to make a separate inventory and decide what will go into long-term storage. As you can see, properly storing your clothing items is not hard, and there are only a few things you need to ensure.

Apart from washing and providing the right storing conditions, we recommend that you check on your clothing items every few weeks for any damage, and to prevent further damage if any has already occurred.

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