How to Store Winter Clothes in a Small Space

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How to Store Winter Clothes in a Small Space
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Spring is finally coming, and after it the hot weather of summer. While winter might be a favorite season for many people, it still requires a different clothing style, and let’s be honest – no one enjoys wearing a few pounds of clothing items every day.

It is a fact that winter clothes are much bulkier, and this can represent a problem for storing as well, especially if you aren’t working with a lot of space. Still, all is not lost, as with proper organization and a few tricks, you will be able to effectively store your winter clothes in a small space.

The idea of storing winter clothes is to find a place where you will be storing your clothing items and boots for the next 6 months or more. While sweaters might be easy to figure out, storing coats and winter jackets is not as simple.

You would be surprised to learn that most of the free space in your home can be used as storage without ruining your home’s interior design. How, you might ask? Well, let’s see.

Preparing Your Winter Clothes for Storage

Preparing Your Winter Clothes for Storage

Before starting anything, you should prepare your winter clothes for long-term storage for at least the next few months.

First, you should get rid of any clothing items that you will not wear next winter. This way you will be saving on space, as well as helping others by donating your clothes to a certain charity foundation.

After you have done that, it is time to go ahead and wash your clothes. Snow and mud residue are known to be persistent and that is why you should properly clean your clothing items before storing them.

Last but not least, if you want your clothes to keep their quality and not be attacked by moths and insects, you should invest in cinnamon or cedar wood balls (we don’t recommend mothballs – they have an awful smell and are not as effective).

How to Effectively Store Your Winter Clothing Items

Winter clothes are bulky and if you are living in a small apartment, finding the proper way to store them might be pretty stressful. Still, you should relax and follow these few tricks.

First, when talking about winter shoes or winter boots, it is essential to clean them before storing. Along with that, footwear is one of the rare items that can be effectively stored in an attic/basement (as the conditions will not damage the material).

Our best recommendation is that you invest in a few plastic bins and store your footwear in the bins on top of one another.

Winter comes with a lot of small accessories and if you don’t find a way to effectively store your hats, gloves, and scarves, these might take a lot of space. Buying a storage bag organizer is a great way to manage long-term storing in a small space.

You should look for organizers that have divided sections as this way you will be able to easily access any of the items without messing up the whole storage bag.

One of the biggest problems that people face is storing winter jackets and winters. And while we recommend hanging and fabric-sealing your coats, storing winter jackets is much easier.

One plastic storage bin will be more than enough for storing a few jackets and you will not have to worry about the jacket material getting damaged or it wearing down.  

Of course, if it is summer time, you should remove any spring/summer clothing items from your storage space and thus create more space for the bulky winter clothing items. A common winter clothing item is a sweater and chances are you have more than a few of these.

Folding your sweaters and putting them in a storage container (on top of one another) is the best way to get those bulky items out of the way.

Investing in collapsible hangers might be a good thing to do, as one hanger can hold a few different garments. Lastly, put your luggage bags to good use.

If you are not going to travel anytime soon, using your luggage bags as storage containers is one of the most effective tricks out there. You can put sweaters, shirts, pants, and even winter jackets in them, and then store luggage bags under your bed or in your closet.


Summertime is coming and we are all hyped up, but before you move on to figuring out spring/summer season clothing combinations, you should get your bulky winter items out of the way. And with the tips mentioned above, it shouldn’t be hard, even if you are living in a small apartment with very little storage space.

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