Mind Reader CRATE-BLK Storage Crate Review

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Mind Reader CRATE-BLK Storage Crate Review
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Quick Overview






  • ​16-quart capacity
  • ​Stackable
  • ​Sturdy
  • ​Secure lid
  • ​Ergonomic handle grips


  • ​Not foldable
  • ​Smaller than most

You need to move out in a matter of a few months, and you are already familiar with the fact that the moving process itself can get pretty stressful. The best way to prevent frustration is to starting planning early.

One thing you can do is to find a local moving service and hire them for transportation purposes. But, in order to effectively move all your things to your new place, you need to have a few good storage containers.

The storage bin market is big, and there are hundreds of different models sold through online platforms like Amazon. One of the best-rated moving containers available is the Mind Reader CRATE-BLK storage bin, and there is a good reason for it. Let’s see what makes this product so special.

Mind Reader CRATE-BLK Storage Crate

As a product that is perfect for both personal and commercial use, this container is worth every dollar. Coming in both yellow and black, it will look nice in your warehouse or garage, and given the 16 quart capacity, one container will be more than enough to store a bunch of stuff.

Being stackable, you can invest in a few Mind Reader storage bins and stay stress-free throughout the moving process.

Who is this product for?

This product is for all the people that are going to be moving, as well as for people that need a longer-term storage option for some of their items. If you are a part of the moving service or you own a warehouse storage business, such containers are going to work perfect – you can store office supplies, clothing items, as well as houseware in these durable and high-capacity containers.

To be honest, we all need at least one of these, and if you don’t like the design, you can easily put it at the back of a cupboard.

What’s included?

You get a high-quality 16-quart container that is perfect for both commercial and personal use. Along with that, the package comes with a user’s manual on how to open and secure the container.

Overview of features

There is a good reason why this product is among the best selling in the Amazon storage bin sector with hundreds of buyers leaving stellar feedback.

First, it is affordable and at the given price you are getting an extremely durable product that will last you a long time with proper care. It is made out of high-quality plastic, and with the capacity of 16 quarts, there is enough space to store plenty of clothing or houseware items.

One of the most important features in an adequate storage bin is that it is easily transportable and this Mind Reader has that covered. Featuring comfortable handles, moving this container will be easy, even when it is full of stuff.

Along with that, due to the flat-top surface, it is stackable, which means that you will be able to put multiple containers on top of one another and effectively organize your warehouse or garage space.

With a high-capacity and a compact design, all that is left is for the lid to fit. And it does. This product features a secure lid so you don’t have to worry about water damage, dust, or any kind of pest entering the container space. 

While its disadvantage might be the fact that you can’t fold it, this multi-purpose storage bin is built to last and there is no doubt why so many people are satisfied with it.

How to use it

The answer to this question is pretty simple. There is not much more to using this storage bin other than putting your stuff in it, placing the lid securely on top of it, and moving the storage bin to the desired place.

The product itself comes with a manual on how to open and close the storage container as well as the instructions on specific features such as ergonomic handles, flat-top surface, etc.


Rubbermaid BRUTE Storage Container

While the Mind Reader container is one of the best on the market, there are still a few alternatives to look at. Out of all of them, we think that that this Rubbermaid heavy-duty tote is an excellent choice.

It comes at a similar price, featuring ergonomic handles and a secure lid. It is manufactured in the USA and with the 20-gallon capacity, it is more than enough for both personal and commercial use.

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The moving process is known to get pretty stressful and the best way to prevent that is through a good plan. And a big part of that plan is investing in high-quality containers.

These containers will be great both for the time when you are moving out as well as for home and warehouse storage after the fact.

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