Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag Organizer Review

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Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag Organizer Review
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Quick Overview






  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Portable
  • ​Foldable
  • ​Zipper closure
  • ​Decent fabric
  • ​Transparent windows


  • ​Not very sturdy
  • ​Small

Moving out requires a lot of effort and time to be put in, and if you want to make it as effective as possible, we recommend working with a professional moving service. One of the most important things during the moving process is packing and storing your clothing items and household essentials. And in order to do that properly, you need to have high-quality containers.

Fortunately, the market is pretty big and what remains is that you choose a product that suits your budget and preference. We did some research and found that the Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag Organizer is one of the best out there. Let’s take a look at what makes it so great.

Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag Organizer

As mentioned above, if you are looking for a convenient bag organizer that will allow you to store clothing items as well as household essentials, this Sorbus product might be just the right choice. Firstly, it comes at an excellent price per piece, and it comes in a few different colors so you will get to choose according to your liking.

Plus, it has all features that a good storage bag should have – it is lightweight, portable, foldable, and has a nice design.

Who is this product for?

Well, the answer to this question can be a short one or a long one. In a few words, it is for all of us. Whether you need a good storage bag for your moving process, or you need a container where you will keep your things organized and out of the way, this bag organizer will come in handy. It is perfect for people on the go as well, as it can easily fit in your trunk and you can also fold it to only a few inches in size once you don’t need it.

What’s included?

For the price, what else can you ask for other than this high-quality organizer bag. You will get a three-section storage bag that is perfect for keeping household essentials, cosmetics, clothing, and shoes. This product is available in blue, beige, gray, and teal and it is up to you to decide on your favorite one.

Overview of features

Manufactured by the renowned Sorbus brand, you can’t expect anything less other than top quality – and that is what you get. This three-section storage bag organizer is going to be perfect for your personal use, both for the moving process and for regular storage.

One of the best things about it is that it comes with a transparent polypropylene window so you can see what is in the bag without opening it.

On the other hand, as you can divide it into three different sections, you will be able to achieve a clutter-free storage space, and access things that you need without messing it up. One of the most important features about it is that this storage bag is lightweight and easily portable in case you want to carry it somewhere or simply transport it to your shelf or closet.

Along with that, in a matter of seconds, you can fold it up and forget that it ever existed. A great thing about it is that you can stack multiple bag organizers due to the flat-top surface.

Being made out of fabric, it features a fancy design and it will look good even as a home décor item. Made out of durable material it will last you a long time with proper care.

Lastly, given its durable zip closure system, you can be sure that no bugs, dust, or water will be able to enter the container space and damage your items.

How to use it

There is not much to this. Using this Sorbus bag organizer is as simple as putting your items in it and protecting it with the zipper closure system. Additionally, once it is no longer in use, you can fold and collapse it and put it away in a matter of just a few seconds.


Vienrose Thick Non Woven Storage Bag

A great alternative to the Sorbus bag organizer is this Vienrose storage bag made out of non-woven fabric. It has a high capacity and, similarly to the Sorbus bag, it is stackable and easily portable. It comes with strong handles so transporting it will not represent a problem.

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If you are moving out of your current apartment in the near future, or you just want to finally get organized, we recommend that you plan ahead and get high-quality storage bags. While the market is big, not all storage containers are created equal, but this Sorbus Foldable Storage Bag Organizer has it all.

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